On this page we have provided a collection of substance misuse resources to use in schools

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Resources for schools

Below you can find a series of resources to use if you are an educational professional working with children.  

Nacoa's (National Association for Children of Alcoholics) information for teachers

To support teaching staff with some of the issues they may face, Nacoa has produced information pack for teachers (2015). The resource looks at identifying children affected by a parent’s drinking, how alcohol affects the family, frequently experienced issues, breaking the cycle and guidelines for teachers.

Identifying and supporting children affected by parental substance misuse: a booklet for schools

This booklet (2014) summarises key issues for pupils affected by parental substance misuse and how schools can consider supporting them. It was developed for the Alcohol and Drug Education and Prevention Service (ADEPIS) by Adfam, the national umbrella organisation for those working with and for families affected by drugs and alcohol.

Supporting pupils with substance misusing parents: information for teachers and school

Our Include programme has produced this booklet for teachers and school staff (2013). Its goal is to raise awareness of some of the issues experienced by children and young people whose parents have problematic substance abuse. The booklet highlights the issues, gives suggestions for good practice and identifies support.