Supporting children and young people affected by a parent or carer’s alcohol or drug treatment

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Help me understand

Help me Understand, aims to help those affected talk to support workers about what the treatment undertaken by a parent or carer means, and how they might be feeling and experiencing it.

The booklet includes exercises and simple information for children and young people and an information section for workers to help guide children and young people through the topic and signpost to other resources where needed.

Joanna Manning, our national lead on substance misuse, said: 'While having a parent or carer in treatment can be a positive thing, it can also be very confusing and distressing. This new booklet is designed to talk simply and directly to children and young people and includes messages from others in the same situation, as well as a variety of exercises to work through. It will be a valuable tool for workers to use in helping children and young people to stay safe and to understand the importance of accepting and sharing their feelings.'

The booklet was officially launched on 10 November 2016 at the Drink and Drugs News/Adfam conference Safeguarding In Treatment Services: Everybody’s Business.

Download the help me understand booklet

Hard copies are also available to purchase - please contact us for details.