Booklets, DVDs and resource packs for use with children and young people

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When parents take drugs

Adfam's booklet, refreshed in April 2017, When parents take drugs helps children and young people understand and talk about a parent's drug use. It provides information, activities and illustrated stories and advice from other children and young people. The booklet is part of a larger Journeys series which provides useful information for families affected by a loved one's drug or alcohol use. The full series of booklets is available to download from Adfam's website.

Help me understand

Our resource 'Help me understand' supports children and young people affected by a parent or carer’s alcohol or drug treatment. The booklet, published in 2015, aims to help those affected talk to support workers about what the treatment undertaken by a parent or carer means, and how they might be feeling and experiencing it. The booklet is available as a free booklet and you can also purchase hard copies from us. Find out more about Help me understand.

You are not on your own

In partnership with the Office of the Children’s Commissioner, we published 'You are not on your own', the first booklet for use by children affected by a parent or carer who drinks alcohol excessively. It is intended to facilitate adults’ support for children, and to address ways to keep them safe from harm. 'You are not on your own' is designed to help children to have frank discussions with professionals working with them, or with an adult they trust, when they are worried about a parent or carer and the problems being caused in their lives and their families by a significant adult’s alcohol consumption. Read a letter to stakeholders from us and the Children's Commissioner for England about the booklet.

You are not on your own is available as a free digital resource and you can purchase hard copies of the booklet. Find out more about Your are not on your own


Ask me about me

We created 'Ask me about me', a resource designed for awareness-raising and training on the impact on children that parental drug and alcohol misuse can have. The DVD, which is available to order from us, is an invaluable resource for professionals who want to ensure that their practice is based on the child’s perspective. Ask me about me is a sort of toolbox. It contains eight short films for use with a wide variety of audiences. It also comes with a training guide containing suggested session plans, activities and general tips.

For more information have a look at the Ask Me About Me DVD booklet.

Ask me about me DVD was released in 2010. The accompanying information booklet was refreshed in 2016.

Resource packs and toolkits

When a Family is in Trouble: Children Can Cope with Grief from Drug and Alcohol Addiction

When a family member misuses alcohol or other drugs, the entire family is affected. When a Family is in Trouble gives parents, workers and other professionals an organized approach to help children ages 6-12 understand and cope with the problems their family might face.