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March 2018: Children living with opiate users - Information from the National Drug Treatment Monitoring System (NDTMS) has been combined with estimates of the number of opiate users in England (in 2014/15)2 to provide estimates of the number of children who may be considered as ‘affected by parental opiate use.' Estimates of the number of children who live with opiate users, England 2014/15 (PDF)

March 2018: Changing Lives report - Adfam has launched a new report sharing the learnings from its Whole Family Recovery Project in the Royal Borough of Greenwich. Changing Lives: using peer support to promote access to services for family members affected by someone else’s drug or alcohol use looks at the learning from the past five years which has seen Adfam working with Greenwich families to provide them with the training, resources and support to understand the impact of drugs and alcohol on their lives, and to build sustainable relationships and positive futures.

March 2018: From 'mothers little helper' to Xanax - People of different ages talk about how they became reliant on a benzodiazepine as part of Vice UK's investigation into the rise of Britain's counterfeit Xanax use. This Is What Five Generations of Benzo Addiction Looks Like highlights their experiences.

March 2018: New funds to support families affected by drug and alcohol misuse - A new fund, aimed at families affected by drug and alcohol misuse in Scotland has been launched by the Scottish Government. 

March 2018: Domestic abuse and substance use - Adfam has been carrying out research around the dual issues of substance use and domestic violence and abuse. The findings in Women Affected by Domestic Violence or Abuse and Someone Else’s Substance Use: Consultation Report came from the first stage of a project funded by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport’s ‘Tampon Tax’, enabling Adfam to build on earlier work addressing the dual issues of substance use and domestic violence and abuse.

March 2018: COA support from Government - The Health Secretary is to put a minister in charge of helping children of alcoholics. Jeremy Hunt also agreed to make Britain’s 2.5 million children of hard drinking parents part of the government’s mental health strategy and vowed to publish data on the scale of the problem in the coming weeks. 

March 2018: Tip-offs about drunk parents soar by a third A record number of people contacted a leading children's charity amid concerns over youngsters with parents who are drunk or on drugs.  Mothers and fathers were reported to the NSPCC helpline on 10,207 occasions last year. That compared to around 7,850 in 2015-16 - a 30 per cent increase.  Members of the public contacted the organisation's round-the-clock helpline on average once every 50 minutes to flag up fears that parents were misusing substances.  Of those, around 86 per cent of cases - or 8,793 - were considered so serious that specially-trained staff passed the details to police or social services. The tip-offs involved more than 15,000 children.

March 2018: Survey of online resources - Staffordshire University is conducting Technology enhanced treatment and recovery resources, a survey for anyone who uses online recovery resources including information, advice and forums to find out about how they are used and how it affects recovery. This includes resources for people that use drugs or alcohol or families and friends. The survey is open-ended.

March 2018: Guidance collection available - Information and other resources to support commissioners, service providers and others providing alcohol and drug interventions have now been brought together by Public Health England in one place for ease of use. 

March 2018: Parliamentary question - MP Alex Sobel asked the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, what steps his department is taking to reduce drink and drug abuse among mental health service users. 

March 2018: Family life in recovery - New research - the first of its kind - shows how the recvery journey of a dependent drinker can markedly improve the lives of their families, for as long as recovery is sustained.  Family Life in Recovery: Understanding recovery from a family perspective: A survey of life in recovery for families has been published by Sheffield Hallam University, Alcohol Research UK and Adfam. Read a blog about the research by Dr James Nicholls - Director of Policy and Research Development, Alcohol Concern/Alcohol Research UK. 



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