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January 2017: Public involvement in alcohol research - A new report from Alcohol Research UK sets out some of the key principles behind greater public involvement in our field. It also explores the key challenges and describes how we feel researchers might better engage with the public in future.

January 2017: Perceptions and fears: new report - Drug policy reforms have been difficult to design, legislate or implement because current policies and responses are often based on perceptions and passionate beliefs, and what should be factual discussions leading to effective policies are frequently treated as moral debates. The new report The World Drug Perception Problem: Countering Prejudices About People Who Use Drugs aims to analyze the most common perceptions and fears, contrast them with available evidence on drugs and the people who use them, and provides recommendations on changes that must be enacted to support reforms toward more effective drug policies.

January 2017: Government plans helpline for children of alcoholics - A strategy to support 200,000 children of alcoholics is being drawn up by health secretary Jeremy Hunt. The plans include £500,000 for a new national helpline to support young people. Hunt said he wanted to work cross-party to help change the story for those affected: “It is heartbreaking that so many children grow up under the shadow of their parents’ alcohol addiction." His announcement comes after shadow health secretary Jonathan Ashworth wrote of his experiences growing up with a father who drank. 

January 2017: Transition of the National Treatment Agency (NTA) website - Information, statistics and publications currently available on the National Treatment agency (NTA) website are being transitioned across to The NTA website will be available on the National Archives. All saved bookmarks and links will still take users to the information they require. The Alcohol Learning Centre (ALC) website will continue to function and the content will be moved at a future date.

January 2017: Updated guidelines - UK guidelines on the clinical management of drug misuse and dependence have been updated.

January 2017: Troubled Families Programme: emerging findings - The Department for Communities and Local Government has released emerging findings from the Troubled Families Programme 2015 to 2020.

January 2017: The forgotten carers - This recently revised hot topic from Drug and Alcohol Findings looks at families affected by substance misuse.


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