Activity books and worksheets to help you

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We have provided activities below to help you think about any difficulties and worries you might have and how you might deal with them. You can do these worksheets on your own or with someone you trust.

Emotional well-being worksheets

The young people we work with have told us that living someone who drinks or uses drugs can cause a number of difficult feelings. You might be worried, afraid, scared or confused. These worksheets may help you find out more about those feelings and ways in which you might be able to deal with them. There are some tips you could try and lots of online links to other places to find support.

Worksheets to talk about how you are feeling

  • About me: This worksheet gives you the chance to talk about things that are important to you and your likes and dislikes
  • Family and friends: This worksheet lets you think about the people in your life who are important to you as well as those who care about you
  • Understanding drugs and alcohol: Use this worksheet to think about why people might take drugs or drink alcohol and how that makes you feel
  • Looking after someone: Sometimes children have to take on big worries and responsibilities because their parents drink too much or use drugs. Use the worksheet to explore this
  • Things that scare and worry me: Different people have different things that can worry or scare them, but it always helps to talk about them with someone you trust
  • Where do I go for help?: It’s not always easy to talk about your life at home, but if you can find people you trust that can be a help. Use this worksheet to think about people who could help you
  • My well-being: Caring for someone can affect your personal well-being - the way you feel about things. This worksheet helps you look at the ways you can keep yourself feeling good
  • Dealing with different feelings: Having problems at home can cause all sorts of difficult and complicated feelings. Use this worksheet to help you identify your emotions
  • How I can feel better: Sometimes when we feel down it can be difficult to think about feeling any other way. This worksheet will help you think of the things that can help
  • What I want for the future: Everyone has hopes and dreams for the future and how they want things to turn out. Use this worksheet to think about what you would like and how you could achieve it.


Activity books

Young carers in Gloucestershire have developed a booklet for young people who live with someone with a drug or alcohol problem. Parents, pints and pills includes information about different substances, stories from young carers and tips to help young people look after themselves. Copies can be ordered from Gloucestershire Young Carers.