We are a hub of information, guidance and resources on parental drug and alcohol misuse, and the impact it has upon children and families. Through our work we promote the voices of children and young people, seek to influence policy and practice, and undertake training and consultancy work.

Teenage girl sitting on sofa talking to project worker

Parental substance misuse

Parental drug and alcohol misuse affects the lives of thousands of children and young people – too many aren’t getting any help, leaving them struggling alone. 

What we do

We support children and young people in our services by offering one-to-one counselling, advice and targeted group work. 

  • If you are a young person this site will give you information about our services as well as activities and advice
  • If you’re a practitioner this site allows you to access a wealth of useful research, resources and guidance


Young people's experiences

Read, watch and listen to the experiences of young people who live in a family affected by parental substance misuse

Resources for young people

Resources for young people

Helpful resources and activity worksheets to support young people