We want to safeguard the most vulnerable young people by tackling specific forms of abuse

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About Reveal

Reveal joins substance misuse and domestic violence support, working with professionals to provide Reveal (REducing Violence through Education and Learning) across Dorset. We want to safeguard the most vulnerable young people by tackling specific forms of abuse: domestic abuse and drugs and alcohol misuse.

Reveal builds on our learning from our Big Lottery Funded Pacific Waves domestic violence/abuse service in Weymouth and will integrate support for families affected by substance misuse issues.

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Who is it for?

Reveal aims to expose hidden harm by working with children and young people, families and perpetrators of domestic violence abuse, and families affected by substance misuse as well as supporting professionals to identify early signs of domestic violence and substance misuse and their impacts on young people.

Building long-term resilience so that children and young people have better chances in life emotionally, in education and socially.

How will it work?


Young people or professionals can self-refer, as well as post sentence referrals from the criminal justice system. A face to face follow up is usually within two weeks of referral and will determine what intervention is needed that relates to the domestic abuse or substance misuse impacts. Reveal will develop an action plan based on the needs of the individual or family.


Young people will receive 1-1 counselling support (including trauma focused Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and counselling and ‘Human Givens’ group therapy. ‘Human Givens’ addresses the innate emotional needs of the child and is already a key part of our work at Waves

Reveal will offer group interventions including evidenced based programmes such as You and Me mum; Triple P; Strengthening Families .

In partnership

We will work with relevant organisations to ensure that individuals receive the appropriate type of ongoing support including YouFirst Dorset (supporting adult victims of domestic violence), Dorset Youth Association and EDP Drug and Alcohol Services.

For professionals

We deliver awareness raising sessions for professionals according to need and in areas where there are a number of referrals. 


For further information and a referral form please email Jane Fuhrmann or Service Manager, Katie Chantler.