the St Saviour's Nurseries logo and a flowerSt Saviours Nurseries in Guernsey is one of our most loyal corporate supporters.

For over 20 years they have raised almost £60,000 by donating 15% of profits from their mail-order cut flower business.

What our relationship with St Saviours means

Maxine Le-Noury of St Saviour's Nurseries said: 'St Saviours Nurseries is proud to have supported The Children’s Society for over twenty years. It a very worthwhile charity which does a fantastic job.’

Maggie Allen, our Corporate Partnerships Development Manager said: 'The Children's Society would not be what it is today without the loyal support of donors such as St. Saviour’s Nurseries. They are committed to making a difference and have recognised that businesses can also give back.'

The young people St Saviours supports

The money this partnership has raised has helped us reach out to some of society’s most disadvantaged children and young people, and their families. 

a vase of many flowersThese include:

  • young runaways, who we remove from harm and help to rebuild their lives
  • families with young children who we help break from the poverty cycle so they can build good foundations for their children’s early years
  • young carers and disabled children who we help to get their voices heard.

Please support our work and St Saviours Nurseries by ordering flowers from the nursery.

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