Thousands of children will be unheard this Christmas

6,000 children will run away from home; 46,000 children will be at risk of abuse and neglect and half a million children with mental health problems will feel like they have no one to ask for help this Christmas.

For these children, Christmas is broken but their spirits don't have to be.

The silent choir represents the thousands of young people across the UK without a voice and they're joined in silence by Martin Kemp, Royal Blood and KT Tunstall, among others on our silent track.

Watch their video now.

So many children are deprived not only of the Christmas spirit, but of a voice each and every day, as they feel unable to ask for help.

We help the most vulnerable young people. From one-to-one therapy and group sessions, to campaigning so that young people’s lives are changed for the better; our work ensures that young people are listened to.

With the support of our services and our staff, young people are able to overcome the difficulties they have faced. We offer the help they need so they can face the future with confidence.

We listen, we support, we act. Because no child should suffer in silence.

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