Strengthening the safety net for vulnerable families

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We are delighted to have reached the final phase of the OneFamily Foundation Charity Fund for 2017 with our campaign: strengthening the safety net for vulnerable families.

Voting is now open! If you are a OneFamily customer then you vote today or read on to find out more about our planned campaign.

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We know that a family’s financial difficulties can damage young people’s mental health, prevent them from reaching their full potential and, in the worst cases, put them at risk of harm.

This is why we want to work with OneFamily Foundation to campaign to strengthen the safety net for vulnerable families.

What’s the problem?

Our campaign would be about helping families in financial crisis who have nowhere else to turn.

Before 2013, families in financial crisis could apply to a national scheme for a small loan or grant to help them with an unexpected cost - like a broken boiler or oven - when they had no other options available to them. Since 2013, it has been up to local councils to set up similar local schemes.

But with local council budgets stretched to breaking point, the schemes are disappearing. The latest research shows that 78 councils have either closed their scheme or have cut it so drastically that it will soon no longer be viable.

What’s the solution?

Our campaign would get local people speaking out to help vulnerable families.

We know that local councils care what local people think. We want to provide people with the tools they need to raise this issue locally, helping them to get the voices of families in financial crisis heard.

Using our innovative online and offline techniques, we want to help people across the country to convince their local council to invest in and lead the way in helping families in crisis. 

Vote for us

If you are a OneFamily Customer you can vote for us to receive a grant from the OneFamily Foundation to help us fund this campaign – you have until 17 November to make your choice.

If you’re not a customer you cannot vote but we would love for you to share our campaign on twitter and encourage OneFamily customers you know to vote for us.


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