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We make sure children’s voices are heard. Together we campaign for changes to laws and policies, tackling unfairness and protecting vulnerable children from harm. 

Because no child should feel alone.

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2017 and beyond...

The change we're making now

The Debt Trap

The problem: Growing up in debt is damaging to children.

The change: Our Debt Trap campaign has led to the Government committing to a new ‘breathing space’ scheme to give families time and space to repay their debts.

A fairer start for care leavers

The problem: Young people leaving care are particularly vulnerable to getting into council tax debt.

The change:We are calling on councils to exempt care leavers from paying council tax until the age of 25. Over a third of councils have made care leavers exempt from council tax, making a huge difference to thousands of young people.

The Good Childhood Report

The problem: Devastating Government cuts to funding for local children’s services hit the most vulnerable teenagers hardest. Without help, they may resort to running away, drugs or self-harm.

The change: In progress! We’re asking the Government for more local funding to help young people before they hit crisis point.

Showing solidarity with refugees and migrants

The problem: The lack of support for young refugees and migrants, particularly through the media and public discourse, can leave these young people isolated and afraid.

The change: Thousands of people have signed our petition to bring back legal help for migrant children on their own in the UK. Through our 'Postcard Project', hundreds of supporters have sent messages of solidarity to the young people we support.

Seriously Awkward

The problem: Vulnerable teenagers are falling between the gaps of childhood and adulthood. 16 and 17 year olds who experience child sexual exploitation are particularly at risk. They are more likely to be victims of sexual abuse, yet less likely to get protection and support.

The change: Over 20,000 people have supported Seriously Awkward. The Government has agreed to look at what more can be done protect 16 and 17 year olds from child sexual exploitation.

Sex and relationships education

The problem: A lack of education about online relationships, grooming and sexual behaviour is putting young people at risk.

The change: We campaigned with other organisations and this resulted in the Government announcing that sex and healthy relationships education will become compulsory in secondary schools. The primary curriculum will include lessons on healthy relationships.

‘Thank you, I couldn’t be more grateful for having this support.’ - Young person

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Last year our supporters took over 50,000 campaign actions.

We helped bring about three million positive changes to children’s lives through our campaigning and policy work.

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