Cuts to local children's services

Devastating Government cuts to funding for local children’s services hit the most vulnerable teenagers hardest. Without help, they may resort to running away, drugs or self-harm.
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Funding cuts of up to two billion pounds

One million teenagers have seven or more serious problems in their lives - from violence at home to threat of eviction. Too often they’re forced to struggle alone, leaving them unsafe and scared.

Despite rising numbers in need of help, drastic Government cuts mean funding for children’s social care is short by a catastrophic two billion pounds.

Read the evidence on problems mounting up in children’s lives

Our Good Childhood Report 2017 shows how problems mount up to damage children’s well-being. With the Government sharply cutting funding for local children’s services, the findings gave us deep cause for concern.

Our further research looks more closely at the lives of teenagers hit hardest by these Government cuts. Explore the evidence on how overwhelming problems damage children’s well-being.



Find the latest numbers on Government cuts harming local children’s services

Our Turning the Tide report finds there’s been Government cuts of £2.4 billion to funding for local children’s services. Demand for crisis support is rising sharply as cuts force local councils to reduce early help services by 40% over five years.

Our report is produced jointly alongside Action for Children and National Children’s Bureau

Mia's story

Our Good Childhood Report 2017 uncovered the many serious problems in the lives of children in Britain today.

Many of these problems – poverty, violence, substance misuse, mental illness and homelessness – are present in Mia’s life.

But in Mia’s case it’s the experience of these on top of other less obvious problems that’s important. 

This is her story. 

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