A training package for healthcare professionals to recognise the signs of abuse

A boy in a hospital  

One in 20 children in the UK has been sexually abused.

Many of these young people want to disclose their abuse, but don’t feel they can.

In 2015, we were commissioned by the Department of Health to produce an e-learning package for staff located across healthcare settings. The package, Seen and Heard, includes a hard hitting film and aims to reach up to 750,000 healthcare professionals.

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Sparking organisational change 

All staff working across health care settings should be able to spot the signs of child sexual abuse and exploitation and feel confident to step in and support a young person who may be at risk.

The training was co-designed with the Department of Health as part of their Child Sex Abuse strategy to change organisational culture and practice.

Healthcare professionals will be able to look beyond the symptoms children and young people present with, to see if there are underlying issues.

By picking up incidents of abuse and exploitation sooner, pressure will be relieved on the healthcare system, and ultimately, the criminal justice system too.

Young people are at the heart of Seen and Heard

Young people were involved from the beginning of the development. We wanted to ensure that their views, opinions and experiences were at the heart of the training.

By capturing young people’s views, our aim is to ensure professionals in health settings and beyond act in a way which supports those who have been abused and exploited feel welcomed, at ease and able to disclose what they’ve been through. 

Accessing the training

We launched the first phase of Seen and Heard on 20 July, focused on professionals in health care settings.

Please visit the Seen and Heard website to register your interest in working with us to further test it in different environments. 

Expanding Seen and Heard for other professionals 

We are keen to develop this training for other professionals such as police, social care and education providers. As part of this development work we are inviting professionals and commissioners from other industries and sectors to work with us to explore how this training could support workers in other contexts and settings.

If you would like to learn more about Seen and Heard and how we can develop it to meet your specific training needs please contact us by email.

Commission us 

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