Collection for Children

Collect change. Make change.
For more than 30 years, volunteers across the country have been collecting spare change to support our work with vulnerable children

How change makes change

The spare change gathered during Collection for Children adds up to real change for children and young people. 

House to house and street collections

Holding a house to house or street collection is a great way to collect spare change. What’s more, we’ve provided all of the guidance and resources you need to help you organise a successful collection. 

Register your collection

If your collection is taking place in public you will need to register with us.

Order your collection resources

From charity collection buckets, to collection envelopes and information to help you speak to people about our work, we’ve provided everything you need to help you run a successful collection.  


Permits & permissions

When planning your collection you will need to find out what permission you need to obtain.

Pay in your money

Once your event is over, all that remains is for you to pay in your donation. Find out how to pay in your money.