We have a duty of care to the children and young people we provide services for. This includes taking the necessary steps to safeguard them and promote their welfare.

Some boys in a group

As a children’s charity our top priority is the protection of children and young people. We employ experienced workers who have a focus on preventing abuse happening to those children and young people.

When we recruit staff and volunteers we follow safer recruitment processes and all staff and volunteers complete mandatory safeguarding induction training regardless of whether they work with children and young people, their family and/or carers. Mandatory update training is provided to all of our staff who work directly with children and young people.

We have a suite of safeguarding procedures, policies and guidance for all of our managers, staff and volunteers that ensures clear, robust action can be taken when required.

Our safeguarding procedures and practice mean that we can provide a safe place for children and young people to engage with us and the services we provide. We want the public to have confidence in the work we do for the most vulnerable children and young people in our society. Ensuring safeguarding runs as a golden thread through all that we do is part of building that confidence with the public.

Do you have a safeguarding concern?

If you have an immediate concern about a child's welfare, please contact your local council’s social care department, which is available 24 hours a day. You can find their contact details on the Gov.uk website or on the local council’s website.

If your concern is urgent, please call the police in your area or 999.

If you wish to contact us directly, visit our Contact us page.