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Leading charities demand better support for care leavers to enter employment

6 Dec 2019

Young care leavers are missing out on apprenticeship opportunities as experts warned they are not receiving adequate support to transition into sustainable careers.

Risks facing children in care must be addressed

The Children's Society responds to latest figures for children in care

Children's Society service wins prestigious award

29 Nov 2019

The Children's Society Rise Project wins a prestigious CYP Now Award.

Political leaders must solve social problems leaving children ‘scarred for life’

29 Nov 2019

Hundreds of children’s organisations are calling on political leaders to set out their solutions to the social problems that can leave millions of children ‘scarred for life’, including child poverty, mental health, domestic abuse and serious youth violence.

Shining a light on the nation’s sweet spot

29 Nov 2019

The nation's favourite sweet revealed for Christingle

Response to the Conservative Party election manifesto

26 Nov 2019

The Children’s Society responds to the Conservative Party’s election manifesto

Response to the Labour Party election manifesto

22 Nov 2019

The Children’s Society responds to the Labour Party’s election manifesto

Response to the Liberal Democrat election manifesto

22 Nov 2019

The Children’s Society responds to the Liberal Democrat's election manifesto

Half a million children not seeking help for mental health issues

20 Nov 2019

New research by The Children’s Society finds children are not reaching out for help when they are having mental health concerns