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Government spending plans fall short on issues facing vulnerable children

The Children's Society responds to the Chancellor's one-year public spending announcement

Children's cuts could cost us election warn Conservative councillors

Poll reveals councillors concerns as charities call for more council cash to help vulnerable children

Quarter of a million UK children are unhappy

28 Aug 2019

Shocking figures about children's happiness explored in this year's Good Childhood Report

Migration statistics from the Home Office

22 Aug 2019

For the first time the number of European nationals applying for settled status through the EU Settlement Scheme have been included in the UK’s quarterly immigration and asylum statistics release.

Children living in unsuitable accommodation

22 Aug 2019

A new report by Children’s Commissioner found more than 210,000 children in England live in unsuitable accommodation or are sofa surfing

Urgent investment vital to help children affected by youth violence

Youth violence findings must act as wake-up call for the Government says The Children's Society

New report claims 4.6 million children are living in poverty

30 Jul 2019

The Children's Society responds to The Social Metrics Commission release of the “Measuring Poverty 2019" Report

Children as young as seven exploited by county lines gangs

New report by the Children's Society shines light on child criminal exploitation

Prevention of mental ill health in childhood should always be a priority

17 Jun 2019

The Children's Society responds to the Government's commitment to prevention in mental health

110,000 children unable to access mental health treatment

17 Jun 2019

New research by The Children’s Society finds children are missing out on mental health treatment