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Teenagers ‘crying out’ for early help with mental health problems

17 Jun 2015

The Children’s Society announces plans to expand work on children’s mental health and emotional wellbeing - and calls for support for young people in school.

Children in care at risk of isolation following out of area moves

8 Jun 2015

The Children's Society has launched a campaign in Greater Manchester to make sure that young people in care who are placed out of their local area get the support they need to settle and thrive.

In response to The Sun's story about our high-value donor campaign

31 May 2015

The generosity of our donors makes an enormous difference to our work and we are incredibly grateful for all their support. We are very sorry that wrongly selected individuals have been inconvenienced or distressed and are doing everything we can to make sure this does not happen in the future.

Our response to The Queen's Speech 2015

27 May 2015

Matthew Reed, Chief Executive of The Children’s Society, responds to The Queen's Speech 2015

Children scared of knock at door from council bailiffs, report reveals

26 Mar 2015

Councils must stop leaving children frightened and worried by sending aggressive and intimidating bailiffs to knock on the doors of family homes

Failure to protect children’s human rights is appalling

24 Mar 2015

The Children's Society comments on a report by the Joint Committee of Human Rights which says the UK's commitment to children’s rights don’t go far enough. We are calling for better support for children in poverty and migrant children.

Thousands of homeless teenagers left to fend for themselves

National disgrace as councils turn vulnerable teenagers who need help away, leaving them no option but to live on the streets.

Budget 2015: The Chancellor talks about 'fixing the roof' but leaves millions of children out in the rain

The Chancellor talks about us all being ‘in it together’, but the reality is strikingly different for hundreds of thousands of struggling families.

Mental health cash boost welcome but better access is crucial

17 Mar 2015

Care and Support Minister Norman Lamb has announced changes and funding to support children's mental health. The Children's Society says these plans must be followed through after the election and more needs to be done.

The Children's Society responds to Ofsted's state of the nation report on children's social care

10 Mar 2015

The Children's Society responds to Ofsted's state of the nation report on children's social care