10 Mar 2015

The Office for Standards in Education, Services and Skills (Ofsted) has released its second Annual Social Care report which reveals that more than three quarters of councils are operating at an inadequate standard or one which requires improvement in dealing with children’s social care. It outlines plans to focus on child sexual exploitation and those going missing.

Lily Caprani, Director of Strategy and Policy, says:

'It is deeply worrying that more than three quarters of councils are providing children’s social care that is not good enough. If three quarters of schools were found to be failing, people would say this was a crisis and demand immediate action. Addressing the holes in the system should be a top priority.

'We welcome Ofsted strengthening its focus on child sexual exploitation and on children who go missing. But it is a concern that some services are still not recognising the risks children face and fail to respond appropriately. The Government needs to ensure that local councils and safeguarding boards have the powers and funding to do their job properly.

'As awareness increases of issues like child sexual exploitation and missing children, so too will demands on children’s social care. Ofsted is right to underline the importance of strong local leadership.

'Local leaders should challenge bad practice, make sure their partners are working together, be alert to the risks children face and set robust strategies for keeping children safe. The Government must implement a national register of missing children. We must work tirelessly together to eradicate the dangers children face and keep them safe.'