28 May 2020

Mark Russell, Chief Executive of The Children’s Society said:

“Thank you to the Prime Minister asking the crucial question – why aren’t hardworking people who have leave to remain in this country eligible for crucial support like Universal Credit? People who work hard for our country should have access to support of one kind or another during these difficult times, which is why we are calling for a suspension to the NRPF condition. 

“Our research at The Children’s Society has shown that many of those who have NRPF are working in frontline roles during the CV-19 crisis – as NHS cleaners, in social care or food preparation – but have no support to rely on when they are most in need. We welcome the PM’s offer to find out how many are affected as current Home Office data gathering on this is limited, though we estimate that more than 100,000 children could be affected.”

“We will be writing to the Prime Minister about this issue and look forward to his response.”

To find out more about the impact of NRPF on families please read our report 'A Lifeline For All'

For more information please call Charlie Neal on 07850 500968 or email media@childrenssociety.org.uk