17 Mar 2015

Care and Support Minister Norman Lamb has announced a raft of measures to support the mental health and wellbeing of children and young people, following findings from the mental health taskforce

 Matthew Reed, Chief Executive, says:

'The Government’s plans to provide better support for children and young people affected by mental health issues is welcome – but long overdue. It is appalling that for so long children with mental health issues have sorely lacked support. A focus on early intervention in local communities, helping children and young people before they reach crisis point, is critical. 

'After years of mental health funding being cut, the Government’s cash boost is a step in the right direction. But the money must ring-fenced to make sure local services spend it effectively. We call on all political parties to promise to follow through with these plans after the election.

 'We support many teenagers whose mental health and wellbeing is suffering because of abuse, neglect or sexual exploitation, who are missing out on the support they need. Older teenagers, particularly those aged 16 and 17, fall through the gaps between adult and children’s mental health services. It is high time that these vulnerable teenagers have services available to them and support in accessing them, and the Government must include this age group when it commissions its next national survey on mental health needs. Children’s mental health should be a top priority for all political parties.'