1 Jul 2015

Peter Grigg, Director of External Affairs at The Children’s Society responds to Iain Duncan Smith’s announcement on the Child Poverty Act:

'Today the Government has decided to break its promise to end child poverty by 2020. 

'Scrapping the Child Poverty Act and replacing it with inadequate measures based on worklessness and low educational attainment will do nothing to help the millions of children who are suffering in real poverty now.

'Critically, the Government is failing the two million children who are living in low-income working families. By ignoring the reality that most children in poverty are living in working households, the Government will fail to develop effective plans to help these children and turn its back on its own commitment to end child poverty by 2020.

'Income is at the heart of child poverty. Ignoring it will only mean more ineffective policies that continue to fail. This will condemn increasing numbers of children to live below the breadline which is a national disgrace.'


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Notes to editors:

  • 3.7 million children are living in poverty according to the latest Household Below Average Income figures with 200,000 more children living in severe poverty and more children living in low income working households (https://www.gov.uk/government/statistics/households-below-average-income-19941995-to-20132014 )
  • Children are said to be living in relative poverty if they are in a family living on less than 60% of median income.
  • Not only is the Government abolishing the relative poverty measure it is also abolishing measures around absolute and persistent poverty.
  • The Children’s Society has helped change children’s stories for over a century. We expose injustice and address hard truths, tackling child poverty and neglect head-on. We fight for change based on the experiences of every child we work with and the solid evidence we gather. Through our campaigning, commitment and care, we are determined to give every child in this country the greatest possible chance in life.