1 Mar 2017

The Children's Society responds to the Government announcement on sex and relationship education in secondary schools.

Matthew Reed, Chief Executive of The Children’s Society said:

“The Children’s Society has long been calling for children and young people to be educated on how to stay safe in relationships, both online and in every day offline life.

“We welcome the legislative changes the government have today proposed to make sex and relationship education compulsory in all schools. This change is long overdue and an essential step in safeguarding children and young people.

“Making relationships and sex education available to all children means they will develop knowledge and skills to navigate relationships safely. It is important to equip children and young people to make safe choices, both on and offline and crucially to ensure they know where to seek help and support if something does not seem or feel right. Without such knowledge children can be left at greater risk of harm and abuse.

“It is essential that children and young people have sex and relationship education fit for this modern age and ensuring high-quality, age-appropriate education becomes part of the curriculum is the first vital step.”