12 Oct 2017

Matthew Reed, chief executive at The Children’s Society, said: “We’ve been campaigning for all care leavers to be exempt from council tax so we are delighted to hear that this exemption will be introduced in Scotland.

“Many of these young people have had a really difficult start in life, sometimes involving abuse, neglect, or family breakdown.

“Adjusting to living independently without the family support many of their peers enjoy can be really tough, and managing their finances and juggling bills for the first time is just one of a number of new challenges they face.

“Many either cut back on essentials like food and heating or end up in debt with all the worry and stress that causes.

“Exempting care leavers from council tax doesn’t cost a huge amount but it can make an enormous difference to care leavers, giving them one less bill to worry about as they find their feet and begin to budget for themselves.”

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