7 Jul 2014

Reacting to today’s government announcement that there will an overarching independent inquiry into child abuse, our Chief Executive Matthew Reed said:

'Today’s government announcement that there will be an overarching independent inquiry is a vital step forward in tackling systematic failures to protect children against this abhorrent crime.

'It is crucial that no stone is left unturned when it comes to stamping out child abuse now, as well as dealing with life-destroying failures of the past. 

'There is mounting evidence that the very authorities in place to protect children from child abuse have often failed to do so, time and time again. As a society we need to look at why this is happening – and what has to change to protect innocent children.

More needs to be done to respond to signs of child abuse

'The Children’s Society strongly believes more needs to be done to act much earlier on signs of child abuse.

'Any broader systematic inquiry must not, however, delay or compromise police action relating to criminal activity, which must be swift and decisive. 

'We also welcome an independent review into how the Home Office handled child abuse allegations.

'This country has a responsibility to make sure we have the most robust child protection system in place to support child abuse victims now, and stop this happening in the first place.


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