20 Feb 2013

Ellen Broome, Director of Policy at The Children’s Society, said:

'The End Child Poverty campaign map reveals the truly shocking scale of child poverty in the UK today - and that poverty is a reality that impacts on children and families in every area

'Worryingly, the situation is set to get much worse. Families up and down the country are already struggling to make ends meet and the government’s decision to cap benefit increases for the next three years at below inflation will drive an additional 200,000 children into poverty. Growing up in poverty impacts on children’s well-being and long term outcomes. Future generations must not be made to pay the price for government cuts.

'As local councils set their budgets and make decision on which families will get help with council tax and emergency support, they must put child poverty at the front and centre of every decision they make.'


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Notes to editors

  • 3.6 million children in the UK are living in poverty.
  • Six in 10 children living in poverty are in low-income working families.
  • The government has admitted that its welfare benefits up-rating cap will push 200,000 children into poverty.
  • Use our child poverty calculator to see impact of benefit uprating cap on children.
  • Major changes to the welfare system, including localisation of council tax benefit and the introduction of a benefit cap for out-of-work households are already planned to be introduced this year. Many of the changes will have a substantial impact on the support available for children and families.