Posted: 24 September 2016

Young refugees and migrants say it loud and clear: Refugees are welcome here

This time last week 30 young refugees and migrants and supporters from around the country joined us as we marched to Parliament.

We were marching with 30,000 people to call on the Government to do more to help young refugees and migrants rebuild their lives in the UK. 

Hard to ignore

As we warmed-up we were live on Facebook with an outside broadcast seen by thousands. 

Marching through the streets, colourful banners tood out loud and clear against a sea of black and white t-shirts. Together we marched to Parliament soaking up the atmosphere, chanting and live tweeting, before a rally with celebrities, speakers and musicians.

We were thrilled to see this important march in the media including in The Guardian and the Evening Standard featuring our video message from staff who work directly with supporters.

Peter Grigg, Director of External Affairs, who leads our campaigning, research and policy work said:

'For young refugees and migrants, reaching the UK should mean reaching safety. But sadly we know that they don’t always get the vital help they need when they get here. It was a proud moment to be marching to Parliament, hand in hand with young refugees and migrants we are supporting.

This follows over 70 years of work supporting and campaigning for young refugees and migrants in the UK. We are determined to keep on making sure the voices of young refugees and migrants living in the UK are heard at this crucial time.'

What we can all do to help

We sent a powerful message on Saturday, but we can’t stop now. Young refugees and migrants living in the UK, often on their own, need safety and stability - so for them growing up in a welcoming community is really important.

Whether at school, with friends and family, or as part of a religious or community group, you can help make sure every child has the chance to grow up in a friendly, inclusive community.

Thousands of our supporters campaign, volunteer and give so we can support young refugees and migrants and campaign to break down the legal and practical barriers getting their way.

Here are some simple ways you can help welcome young refugees and migrants in your community and beyond:

Listen to young people in your community 

Give young refugees and migrants the chance to talk about their experiences before they got to the UK and after arriving.

Show solidarity

So that that young refugees and migrants see and hear that people are on their side. You could arrange your own event, organise a talk or give a sermon - we can help you do this if you’d like.


Campaign with us to make the situation facing young refugees and migrants in the UK safer and more stable. 

Offer time and skills

Mentoring, befriending or helping young refugees and migrants with homework. Talk to our volunteering team about the opportunities for you, your church or community to get involved by emailing

By Orlaith Potter

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