Posted: 03 October 2019

National Poetry Day 2019: young poets explore mental health

To celebrate National Poetry Day, we caught up with some of the young people who worked on the Between the Lines zine - a collection of art and poetry exploring mental health and other issues affecting young people across the country. 

Creative writing can be a useful tool in our services to help young people understand certain feelings and emotions. Here is what the young people told us about their poetry project. 

A healthy way to deal with struggles

'I really enjoyed working on the Between the Lines zine; the different levels of meanings and the beautifully crafted expression made me. as the reader, feel as though I was seeing directly into the poets’ mind.

What I personally love about both art and poetry is the subjectivity of it. The poets have the freedom to express their thoughts and emotions however way they want; and the reader has the freedom to interpret their messages however they want to as well.

'I found a piece of myself in all the poems'

I found a piece of myself in all the poems, some more than others, and I think it would be helpful for young people to connect through the medium of literature to help makes sense of their own struggles and hopefully not feel so alone.

True Self

I am very proud of the zine because I truly believe that it is going to touch and speak to so many people and maybe ease their suffering a tiny bit. This may also inspire some young people to find creative and healthy ways to deal with their struggles.'

The key to understanding the minds of young people

'It was clear to me while putting together the zine that the poetry written by these young people held a lot of meaning and emotion. I hope that this comes through when visitors of Pause pick up a zine and try to understand the minds of these young people.

Personally, I have always used poetry as an outlet to understand my thoughts, with it being a healthy and beautiful artform. The combination of the poetry and art, which have been created by complete strangers and, before the zine, had no associations with each other, will hopefully create a powerful image on the positive impact Pause is having on the vulnerable youth, allowing them a safe space to express their creativity.'

Projects like these, run by Pause, help us understand the issues young people are dealing with. If you're interested in learning more about the issues affecting young people's well-being, visit our Good Childhood hub, and make sure you check out more of the poems in the Between the Lines zine. 


By Young people at Pause

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