Posted: 13 January 2020

Can wizardry be used to tackle loneliness?

Every year, children and young people in our services are given some money to spend on a project important to them. This is our Pot of Gold programme

The funding can enable children and young people to learn a new skill or be involved in activities to help them get their voice and ideas heard by adults.

This is what a group in our Birmingham mental health and well-being drop-in centre decided to do:

'We let them know they aren't alone'

After finding out about Pot of Gold, our team brainstormed some ideas. A common idea that we all had was a short film that young people would be able to relate to, and what’s more relatable than school?

Many young people feel as though they aren’t able to express their true selves at school and feel as though no one else will understand them, especially if they’re also struggling in their life at home, leaving them feeling isolated and lonely.

The feeling of being misunderstood is common within secondary school years, so we wanted to project a message to these people to let them know that they aren’t alone.

This set us on the path of making a film about these feelings of loneliness within a school setting. We didn’t want it to be generic, however, so we added our own little twist to it; we put it in the world of wizardry – the world of Harry Potter.

Understanding the well-being of young people

Thanks so much to the young people at Pause for making this, hopefully it lets other young people know they don't need to struggle on their own. 

We can all do more to understand the well-being of children and young people. Our research has shown that their happiness is in decline. This needs to change.

That's why we're calling on the Government to introduce a children's well-being measure so we can know the issues young people are facing and make changes for the next decade.



By Young people at Pause

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