Posted: 25 February 2016

You Have the Same 24 Hours as Beyonce


This Student Volunteer week we are showcasing what it is like to be a challenge leader for The Children's Society. Kannee has kindly shared her story.

1. Where do you study and what course are you doing?

Plymouth University and I study Environmental Science.

2. Why did you get involved as a volunteer with us?

During my first year of university, I had taken up running as a new way to keep fit and I entered the Plymouth half marathon. Andy Meredith my coach (also a student) encouraged me to apply to become an adventure leader for the marathon in the following year. I applied and got through. Once I started my role I had the opportunity to pick a charity, and after finding out how much work The Children Society did in the local area and in the UK I decided this was the charity I wanted to work with.

3. What is a typical day like as a marathon challenge leader?

Wake up, maybe go for a run, reply to emails or go to uni, lecture, meetings, lecture, bump into a few marathon runners make sure they’re okay, home, drinks with friends, freak out about assignment I haven’t started.

4.  What has been your favourite experience as a challenge leader? Why?

Talking to a wide range of people at university, I wouldn’t normally get to talk to, seeing people developing and grow in confidence.

5. How has volunteering with us helped you? Have you gained new skills?

New found confidence, I love talking to people I don’t know and I engage in group discussions more. I also put myself forward for leadership roles that I wouldn’t have last year.

6. What would you say to other students who are interested in being a Challenge Leader for us?

Go for it!! Do it!!! You have the same amount of hours in the day as Beyonce.

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