Posted: 23 August 2013

You can donate old IT equipment to help support vulnerable children

If you have mobiles, smartphones or IT equipment that you no longer want, please consider donating them by using our online tool.

The money raised goes towards our work supporting the country’s most vulnerable young people.

Recently, Ian Wallis, operations executive at Audley Travel, explained why his company donated a large collection of IT equipment to support our work.

Q: How much equipment are you donating?

A: So far, 82 pieces. We have already begun collecting more equipment for donation.

Q: Why did you choose to donate to support us? 

A: The Children’s Society is particularly pertinent for Audley Travel as we support children by helping to fund a number of school projects around the world. One of them is in Burma - an area that was severely damaged by tropical storms - and our CEO visited recently to see how our funding was changing the lives of youngsters. 

Q: Is it important to you to know that a large proportion of the value of the equipment you donate supports The Children’s Society?

A: From our perspective, it is very important that this will be going to The Children’s Society. You do fantastic work and we hope that any contribution we can make will help continue your progress. 

Q: Why should other people do this? Is it easy to manage?

A: We found the whole process to be really easy. Pick-up was arranged for a day that suited us, there was no charge and a certificate was provided for wiping sensitive data from the hard drives.

The thought of this equipment ending up in landfill is unacceptable and also a costly drain on the business with skips and removal vans.

It gave us an enormous sense of satisfaction to know that this equipment will not only be reused in certain circumstances, but will also raise money for a wonderful charity.

We will certainly be doing this again!

Donate your old mobiles, smartphones or IT equipment

Try our easy-to-use tool to donate your unwanted electronics.

By Matt Summers-Sparks - Digital team

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