Posted: 30 August 2013

Why return interviews matter - Help ensure all young people who run away receive one

Today we've released a report, Here To Listen? looking at local authorities' delivery of return interviews to children who run away. Led by an independent professional, a return interview is important because this one-to-one discussion can help identify reasons for running away and provide help to children.  It can also prevent them from running away again. 

Every year, 100,000 children run away in the UK every year - that's one every five minutes. Of them, 18,000 runaway children are harmed or abused while missing. 

Help us strengthen government rules

Government guidance requires councils in England to offer a return interview to every child who goes missing from home or care. However, we found that local councils are putting runaway children at risk by failing to carry out proper checks on runaway children once they return. 

We are calling on the government to strengthen the guidance to make sure councils offer return interviews to all children who run from home or care.

Please join us - tell the government how important this is.

Our report

You can download our full report as a PDF. We have also created an infographic that summarises the report's key findings below:


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By Natalie Williams - Policy team

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