Posted: 12 September 2011

Why it's important to leave a gift in your will

The Children's Society is part of Remember a Charity, a great consortium of charities who have come together to raise awareness of the importance of leaving charitable gifts in wills. This year Remember a Charity have enlisted the help of Rocky Taylor, a well-known stuntman, to help spread this special message. 

Three in five people die every year without a will

Unbelievably Rocky has been a stuntman all his life but had never had a will. Until now. On 2 August this year, Rocky recreated his famous stunt from the film Death Wish 3 which nearly ended his career, and life, in a bid to convince millions of people to leave a gift to charity in their will. 

Writing a will is the only way you can be certain that your wishes will be carried out. We have produced a free will-writing guide with helpful information on how to go about getting your will written.

Spreading the legacy message

At The Children's Society an amazing 27% of donations received are through gifts left in wills. Fortunate as we are to receive these donations, the number of gifts left to us every year is dropping, so…the roadshow was launched!

Legacy Roadshow

Last year, we launched our Legacy Roadshow and held events all over the country to speak to supporters about how their donations and the gifts we receive from wills, have helped us change the lives of children and young people.

Programme workers who work directly with children and young people spoke at our events giving supporters the opportunity to learn about our work first hand. To see our legacy event schedule visit

If you would like to come along to one of our events or would like to request a free will-writing guide please call Supporter Care on 0845 300 1128 or email

Anna Wall, Legacy Development Officer

By Anna Wall - Fundraising and events team

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