Posted: 11 January 2017

Why I work in the Policy team

After four and a half years, and with a heavy heart, I’m leaving The Children’s Society to move to Yorkshire. But by moving on to pastures new, there is now a fantastic opportunity to work in my team!

Working in the Policy team

Working in the policy team has been a brilliant experience. If you’re looking to be surrounded by intelligent, driven, passionate people who keenly feel the inequality and injustices facing so many children and young people in this country, then this is the job for you! I couldn’t have asked for a better team, and have made some lifelong friends along the way.

I’ve always wished when looking at jobs that someone could tell me what it’s really like to work somewhere - so that’s what I’m going to endeavour to do.

I thought I’d boil it down to three key things (who doesn’t love a list?!):

Reason 1 – you can really shape the work that you do here. There is an overarching vision, of course, but the application of that is very much up for debate. I’ve had the chance to drive engagement with energy companies and banks – certainly not the typical organisations that a children’s charity would try and work with. But it’s allowed me to really take ownership of my own work, which has been both intellectually stimulating and pretty empowering.

A typical day at work for me could see me running a focus group with young people to learn about their experience of energy debt, meeting with Parliamentarians and civil servants to discuss our findings from our research and our recommendations, or presenting at a conference about the difference our work makes. It’s very rare for any two days to follow the same format – just try not to get told off at the House of Lords for not having a tie like I did (awkward!)

It’s been weird, it’s been wonderful, and it’s been a lot of fun!

Reason 2 – you can really exercise your creative skills in this job! We have to think about how to solve the unfairness that we see every day – and this requires a combination of public and private influencing. I’ve been able to come up with recommendations for policy makers, whilst also working really closely with the campaigns team to think about public stunts to raise awareness – there have been opportunities to dress up as a teddy bear for our payday loans work, final delivery notices delivered to energy companies, and doing magic tricks outside Parliament. It’s been weird, it’s been wonderful, and it’s been a lot of fun!

Reason 3 – the organisation is so ambitious – and it’s all grounded in what children and young people tell us directly. The vision, mission and values of the organisation really drive the way that we work, and you can get a clear sense that people really buy into them. If you’re passionate about social justice, there is no better place to work. Seriously.

What are you waiting for?

I can’t recommend this place highly enough! It’s shaped the professional I am in so many ways, and now it can do the same for you.

Apply today 

The deadline is January 24th – so what are you waiting for?

By David Ayre - Policy team

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