Posted: 01 March 2016

Why I volunteer to speak about child sexual exploitation

Our Seriously Awkward campaign is asking the Government to strengthen the laws that protect young people from child sexual exploitation.

To spread awareness of the need for these changes we recruit volunteers to go and speak to groups of people.

Here one of our volunteer speakers tells us about her work.

What inspired you to get involved with The Children’s Society?

I am a Lawyer specialising in family law, particularly in children’s matters involving social services.

Through my work I am aware that so many children have complicated life experiences.

I wanted to make more people aware of the difficult situations young people face.

My role is to speak to groups of people about this and the positive work The Children Society does to support young people. It makes it all worthwhile to know that people listen and want to support.

Where do you speak?

I speak at church venues or groups connected with church (ladies groups, mothers union).

I plan, present and speak about local and national campaigns.

I always involve true life stories from the young people in our services, and get the audience to participate to make sure they have understood the message.

How have you helped our work around child sexual exploitation?

I hope by speaking about child sexual exploitation to churches and groups I have raised awareness of the issue.

I worked with the campaigns team when they were developing the Seriously Awkward campaign.

In my talks I encourage the audience to take the campaign actions, letting them know what difference it can make.

The campaign is trying to strengthen the law so all children and young people are recognised as victims of crime, and get the protection and support they need.

As well as encouraging others to contact their MPs about this I have lobbied my own local MP.

I have also sent my MP the report and information about child sexual exploitation and why the Government needs to act.

What have you enjoyed the most about volunteering with The Children’s Society?

Being able to share with others the passion I have for The Children’s Society’s work in relation to children is great.

I find it amazing to read updates and look at the website about how many children the services are able to reach.

Volunteering not only changes the lives of children but it has changed my life.

It is a huge feel good factor in such a difficult situation.

I use my voice to speak up and be a platform for children to reach others, so they can go on to support The Children Society to make a difference.

Seeing people’s will to give and campaign is amazing. People are so generous.


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