Posted: 01 March 2013

Why Emma Ball supports The Children’s Society

My mum has been supporting the The Children’s Society for over 20 years and has spent the past 10 years as a parish coordinator in St Paul’s church in Daybrook. 

She was always telling me about the fantastic work that The Children’s Society do on both a regional and national scale but it was only when I entered into a partnership that I was able to see exactly how companies such as mine can help.

Fire Engine

I went along to a fundraiser my Mum put on for The Children’s Society this Christmas in our local church hall. A friend of the church, John Todd owns a few fire engines and each Christmas decks out one of the engines in lights and goes to several venues collecting, as well as waiting for the children to come out of the Christingle service on Christmas Eve.

This year John raised over £500, and everyone had a great time  - it was great to see all the children getting aboard the fire engine!

How our donations are helping

Initially when the partnership started we chose a couple of cards which we thought would sell well and gave a percentage of every sale to The Children’s Society – on mass over a year this amounted to quite a bit and it was wonderful to receive updates and read stories about how our donation was helping. 

When Maggie and Jen (From The Children’s Society’s Corporate Partnership team) came on board, Paul, our Sales Director met with them to talk about the opportunity of developing the partnership further and we agreed to create some unique designs.

We decided on piloting a tea towel and two notedpads, which are out now. The really exciting part is that not only can people buy the products in their local Children’s Society charity shop but also through our website and independent shops which already stock our products. 

Working with the Stars project

At the start of 2013 Paul and I went on a project visit to Stars in Nottingham with the Corporate Partnership development team. We were shown a short film about the workshops they run and it was quite shocking to see the effects of substance misuse - and how many families and young people are affected by it across the UK.  

We’re currently looking at what we can do jointly with the Stars project in Nottingham. It will be great to work with the project more directly.

A bright future together

We are all really excited about the new products – working together in a partnership really helps our customers to learn more about The Children’s society and vice versa – we are sure we're going to raise loads more money for The Children’s Society through the sales of the new products and we are excited to see where the partnership will go next. 

By Emma Ball - Guest bloggers

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