Posted: 22 September 2017

Why Big Up The Bill met a Baroness

Big up the Bill campaign gif

Members of the Big Up The Bill team recently met with Baroness Hughes, the Deputy Mayor of Greater Manchester for Policing and Crime, to discuss ideas to improve the relationship between police and young people.

Why we want to big up the bill

The Big Up The Bill team of young people decided early on that they wanted their Big Up the Bill campaign to take a positive stand for exemplary police work - that celebrates and acknowledges when they work well with young people and helps all police staff develop the skills, knowledge and behaviours to improve relationships.

Recommendations for change

Meeting the Baroness was a big step forward for the campaign and a great opportunity for the young people leading to share their views. 

‘It was really good. I felt like she was paying attention.’ – Young person

They spoke to the Baroness about our recommendations for the campaign, which include:

  • All police staff should receive training on how to work with CYP, not just specialist staff
  • Police should stay in touch with a young person as needed and update them with progress on their case regularly
  • Refer and signpost children to help if it’s not possible to help through the police
  • Commit to having a young person consultative group (or similar)
  • A local ‘Big Up The Bill’ award for police officers and staff who have been nominated by CYP.

Leading the way

Group of young people from Big Up The Bill team holding up signs

Members from the Big Up The Bill team with their campaign 

The young people led the meeting and explained clearly and in detail about how the campaign developed. Speaking with the Baroness provided the team with a platform to discuss what the work is about and they were more focused following discussions on where the campaign should go.

‘I want the campaign to be bigger and out there, I don’t want it to just be in Manchester'  – Young person

Get involved

Other young members of our Big Up The Bill participation group are also organising meetings with Police and Crime Commissioners in their area.

If you’d like to get involved in our campaign and support the work of these inspiring young people, then please sign up and leave a message for your Police and Crime Commissioner.

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By Andy Soar

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