Posted: 02 April 2019

Where do you go for support when things get too much?

Sometimes it can seem like everything is going wrong - your boiler breaks down, your kids need new clothes, all the utility bills come at once. Add onto that the stress of a work deadline or a relationship problem and it can feel like things are getting too much to deal with.

We all have different ways of coping when life throws us challenges but in stressful situations like these, who do you turn to for support?

Use our tool below to order the areas of support into most helpful and least helpful.


Often some families feel like there’s no one to turn to in a crisis and this can take its toll on children too. 

From seeing parents worry or stressed to feeling guilty about asking for clothes or school materials. It all builds up and sometimes the much needed safety net isn’t there to support these families and young people.

Find out more about our campaign to strengthen the safety net for all vulnerable families and young people and see what you can do to support your area. 


By Rosanna

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