Posted: 20 March 2013

Where are the children?

How big a priority are children according to the chancellor's budget statement today?

We’ve created a word cloud showing the 300 most used words used in George Osborne's statement. Can you spot the words 'children' or 'childcare' in it? 

Give yourself a fair chance - visit our Facebook page for a bigger version of the word cloud.

word cloud featuring many words from the budget announcement including a very small mention of 'children'


Overlooking children

The word 'children' was used just three times in the chancellor’s entire speech this afternoon. In comparison, the chancellor mentioned 'tax' 51 times and 'business' 13 times.

We think children were largely absent from today’s budget. It gives little hope to struggling families already hit by sweeping cuts.


By Daniel Pattison - Digital team

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