Posted: 21 February 2020

Care Day: Whatever you do, don't move

Today is Care Day – a great time to reflect on the collective impact that campaigners of all ages have had to introduce council tax exemption for care experienced people.

So far, this campaign has seen over 100 councils introduce this change: that's something we can all be really proud of. However, it’s come to our attention that there are still some young people not benefitting from this vital support. And we think this needs to change.

Postcode lottery

It appears that in some areas, councils are saying that council tax exemptions only apply if a young person remains living in their home area.

We believe all care experienced young people should be eligible for council tax support – including if they are placed in housing outside of their home council, or because they choose to move for work or study (as all young people should be able to do). Council tax exemption shouldn’t be conditional on a postcode.

‘I have not had a proper financial education and moving into independent living at 18 has been a big learning curve. Being chased for council tax bills at the same time has been frightening and frustrating.' - a care leaver

Closing the loophole

Together we can close this loophole. We are asking you to contact your council this Care Day and confirm that your council is supporting all young people who have been in their care.

Contact your councillor

By Sarah Wayman - Campaigns team

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