Posted: 22 July 2013

What was the answer to our well-being quiz?

This weekend we asked you what you think young people said were the three factors that had the greatest influence on their well-being.

It was a diffcult question, due to the list being packed with factors that are some of the fundamental parts of our lives, including family, home, the future, money and possessions, health, choice and appearance.

The quiz offered five possible combinations:

  • Health, family and home
  • Choice, family, and money and possessions
  • Family, friends and choice
  • Family, money and possessions, and appearance
  • Health, the future and choice

The results

We got several responses. You can see how they break down.


It seems like the wide range of answers makes it clear that there's arguments to be made for all of these choices.

All of these factors are important.

What young people told us 

After analysing more than 42,000 responses from young people, our researchers determined that choice, family, and money and possessions were the three most influential factors. Read more about these items - dubbed 'the three keys' in our new report.

That selection was the second-most-popular choice in our quiz.


Thank you for taking part in our quiz.

If you haven't seen our dynamic online version of The Good Childhood Report 2013, please have a look - just click on this image:

Young man sitting with friends

The Good Childhood Report 2013 is an important report that reflects thousands of young people's opinions. Please have a read.

By Matt Summers-Sparks - Digital team

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