Posted: 01 March 2016

What to expect at North West Care Leavers Festival?

To mark the end of the pilot for Care to be Different, we are bringing young people and professionals together in March at the to celebrate the achievements of the young people we have helped. They have also helped plan the day. We are also hoping to contribute, through collaboration with an arts group, to a pledge to capture the most important issues facing young care leavers and what we can do to change this in future.

One young person we have worked with has been telling us about her expectations for the day.

What are you looking forward to about the festival?

I am looking forward to the North West Care Leavers Festival. I think it's going to be a fun filled day which will hopefully allow us to meet new people from around the North West. 

I think it will also be a good chance to see how support and services differ in the different areas. For instance, people seem to think that Cheshire is well off and is an affluent area but there is very little for young people out there and we look to the likes of Manchester and we see all these amazing projects for young people, and you do kind of ask yourself, why the big cities can get so much funding and opportunities yet smaller towns are totally forgotten about?

Who else do you plan to speak to?

It will be interesting [to speak to professionals] to see what they think affects young people, and to also see how their priorities and expectations perhaps differ from young people's.

What have you done in preparation for the festival?

As part of the North West Care Leavers Festival we have decided to create maps of the different areas involved and are asking people to write on them what services are available for young people within the different areas.’

We came about this idea when we had our first young people's planning group, and we commented on how those of us from towns seem to have fewer opportunities than those from cities.

What else are you hoping to gain from the day?

We also wanted to see what young people wanted  in their localities and what's important to them. We also wanted to ask professionals the same questions and see how their ideas differ from one another.

I am personally really looking forward to the day. I think it's going to be a good opportunity for North West Care Leavers to meet with people from outside their local area and also for us to speak to professionals we may not otherwise engage with.

Do you know someone who would like to attend the festival?

The North West Care Leavers Festival is taking place on Wednesday 16 March 2016.  For more information head over to our Greater Manchester page.

The event focuses on Health and Happiness for all care leavers.

During the afternoon there will be workshops and activities taking place run by care leavers and professionals, as well as food, drink and entertainment.

By Craig Grady - Programme staff

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