Posted: 02 October 2014

What children say about making decisions

We want children and young people to have a say in our work. They tell us what matters to them, which feeds directly into our brand values, strategy, campaigns and services. One young person talks about their experience of getting involved with our work.

Here, a group of young people share their experience of getting involved with our work.

Our young participants' voices

Child 1: 'I just feel like now, compared to how I was then, I feel so much more confident and so much more happy within myself... it has made me not doubt myself. I used to doubt myself a lot.'

Child 2: 'I used to stay with one group and used to get in trouble all the time with that group and now I told them "I'm not going to hang around with you anymore"… I’ve found a lot of different people to hang around with and they don’t get me into trouble... I don’t have to do bad stuff to just talk and get in with a crowd… I just have to be myself.'

Child 3: 'It can be quite isolating being in care… you kind of feel like you’re the only one… but if there are places like this around, it kind of makes you realise that there are people out there who are in the same situation as you.'

Child 4: 'The decision-makers that we’ve met and some of the MPs and police officers, I think we’ve made attitude changes to them.'

Child 5: 'The project empowered me to go into the school… and present to the pastoral board what we could do to make things better for young carers.'

Child 6: 'I’d never have been able to go on and get a 2:1 in law at one of the top universities if it hadn’t been for the project.'

By Matt Summers-Sparks - Digital team

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