Posted: 30 July 2014

What are 1000 people's favourite childhood summer memories?

As the glorious sun shines, people up and down the country are coming together with loved ones and organising their own Big Summer DO in a bid to bring back childhood.

Above, you'll find lovely photos of an event held last weekend in Bloxwich, where young and old enjoyed childhood delights from strawberries and cream to face painting.

Turning summer fun into playful circles

Being the nosey person I am, I wanted to find out what everyone else's fondest memories of their childhood summers were. We're now revealing more results from our survey of 1000 people around childhood. 

An amazing 74% of people said their fondest memories were of playing outside in the school summer holidays. Oh how seemingly endless those summer days were, creating your own adventures outside with nothing but open space and your mates.

The other most common memories were having a water fight (loved those Supersoakers), family picnics and outdoor games like hopscotch, limbo or piggy in the middle.

Review the results for yourself. And be sure to not miss the interactive, colorful graph below.

What best describe your fondest childhood summer memories?

  Playing outside 74%
  Outdoor games 42%
  Water fights 37%
  Family picnics 34%
  Playing at a party 29%
  Camping 26%
  Barbecues 23%
  Sports competitions 17%
  Selling lemonade 5%
  (Other) 4%

We visualised the results in our colourful collection of circles below. It's interactive - if you move your mouse near the circles, they should scatter away. (If you're viewing this on a tablet or mobile, you may need to tap the circles to achieve a similar result.)

Do people's answers inspire you to relive your childhood summer memories?

If you're inspired to get involved in a Big Summer DO with your family and friends, find out how you can get involved. Every penny raised at your Big Summer DO goes towards bringing back childhood to those at risk of losing theirs.

Check out our Big Summer Do pages for inspiration, activity ideas and free resources.

Also, be sure to check out our Facebook group page. There, you can meet other DO-ers are share ideas and your own favourite childhood summertime memories.

By Stephanie Ley - Fundraising and events team

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