Posted: 20 June 2017

What’s all this about a goat?

The shockwaves of the election on 8 June continue to rumble on.  Whether it be the ‘youthquake’ of the much-increased turnout amongst young people, to understanding how the pollsters got it so wrong, attention is now turning to the negotiations needed to get the Government’s legislative programme approved by the House of Commons.

Queen's Speech explained

The Queen’s Speech is the formal state opening of parliament, when the Government’s legislative programme for the year ahead is presented before Members of the House of Commons and Lords.

There’s a lot more attention than usual being given to this Queen’s Speech, as the Government need a majority vote in the House of Commons to pass their programme. This became a lot more difficult than envisaged following the close election result, and the vote will be the first test of whether the deal negotiated between the Conservative Party and the DUP will hold.

Watch our explainer video

Watch our video below to find out more information on the Queen’s Speech and what it means for us. 

You’ve got to be kidding?

There has been plenty of analysis and political scapegoating following the election, but in the days that have followed a different goat has been thrust into the political spotlight. The Queen’s Speech is written on goatskin paper that takes days to dry, meaning the unforeseen political negotiations have forced an unprecedented delay. I do feel slightly misled with all the chat of goats however...turns out that the special paper used for the speech is not actually made from goatskin after all!

So what happens next?

Following the Queen’s Speech there will be days of debate on the Government programme and we need children’s issues to be front and centre of MPs’ minds. 

You can help make this happen by sending your MP local statistics about children’s lives in their area and asking them to use this information in their first speech this parliament. 

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By Lucy Dacey - Programme staff

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