Posted: 16 September 2020

We need to keep talking about Black Lives Matter

In May, George Floyd was killed by a white police officer. Since then, there have been global protests for Black Lives Matter, a surge in book sales to educate ourselves about racism and black history, and we are actively challenging systemic racism in society. But we need to keep talking about it. 

A group of young refugees from the HEARTS group in Leeds, have been meeting virtually to discuss this movement and the all important topic of race and inequality.

Keep saying Black Lives Matter

One of us in the group felt that their ethnic group are not included in the Black Lives Matter movement, but they suffer racism and oppression. They shared that the government of their country make people scared and do terrible things, and therefore they felt we should be saying ‘human lives matter’.

Some others in the group explained why they think it is important to keep saying ‘Black Lives Matter’. This doesn’t mean it is only for black people, but if we just say ‘all lives matter’ then people don’t know what you’re fighting for. The movement started about black people but is now a movement against racism and injustice in society.

We all agreed that we need to find a solution against racism, and having these difficult conversations is important. Even when protests aren't happening, we should be aware of racism and be open to talking about it.

Always remember that unity with diversity is beauty

Moving Forward

Education is important moving forward. Nobody chooses to have black skin or white skin and all people are similar. We need to give good advice when children are small. People should also learn from primary school to have humanity, we are all the same. We should not care if someone is black, white, or from another country. We should look at people's personality. Everyone also needs to try and do their bit to make our plannet better. You don’t have to be a prime minister, it doesn’t matter who you are - everyone must try to make the world a better place.

The solution is to love one another

Keeping The Conversation Going

It is very important that we have these conversations about black lives matter and racism, because we cannot read other people's minds and communication helps us understand each other. You may know something that someone else doesn't know and by communicating we can all learn something from one another.

The hearts group is run in partnership with Leeds Playhouse, and we would like to thank the young people involved for sharing their thoughts. It is so important that we all keep talking about Black Lives Matter, and we understand that keeping the conversation going is an integral part of our comittment to being an antiracist organisation. Young people need to grow up in a society which celebrates diversity and gives them hope for the future. Together we can make the positive changes they need to see.


By Young Person

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