Posted: 03 December 2015

Advent: We love Christingle!

If you haven't been to a Christingle service before then find out more about them in the latest blog in our Advent calendar


Christingle services are much loved by churches and schools. For almost 50 years, these services have shaped and developed communities throughout the UK.

As a child, I absolutely loved Christingle services. Making and lighting Christingles was always a poignant moment, reminding me of who Jesus is, and helping me to understand how Jesus coming at Christmas was relevant for me personally. I’ve always appreciated that it’s an opportunity to make a difference to the lives of young people who are vulnerable and in need. (Also, our Christingles always featured dolly mixture, which I love!)

We asked four people why they love Christingle. Watch their responses here:

A vicar explains what he loves about Christingle

What do you love about Christingle?

Join a Christingle celebration near you

Do you have a favourite Christingle memory?

If you’ve been involved in Christingle – why do you love it? What are your favourite memories?

If not, we would love you to consider attending your local Christingle celebration. Look up where your nearest service is taking place on our webpages. Every year churches, schools and individuals raise over £1million a year to help us keep transforming children’s lives around the country. A Christingle event is a great way to bring together the whole community in a fun, family friendly celebration. If you’re hosting your own celebration, you can find new resources for churches and schools on our webpages

By Esther Elliott - Church team

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