Posted: 29 June 2013

Watch Edward Timpson's message to young carers

We'd like to share a video that is being screened this weekend at the Young Carers Festival. Featuring Edward Timpson MP, the Children’s Minister, this was broadcast today to young carers at the festival. 

As he explains in the video, the purpose of the message is to highlight how the work government is planning will affect not only the thousand-plus young carers at the Young Carers Festival, but also young carers across the country.


Supporting young carers

In our press release from earlier this morning, Edward Timpson MP said: 'Young carers do an incredible job of looking after their families and that deserves recognition and respect. But more than that they are entitled to enjoy the same opportunities as other young people, to get a good education, to be healthy, and get a chance to socialise and relax.

'Our aim is to make sure that we do all we can to make their lives easier and remove any barriers that may be stopping young carers and their families from getting the life-changing support they need. We’ll be looking at how the law for young carers might be changed and how we can make sure that children’s law works properly with adults’ law to support the ‘whole family’ approach.'

We welcome his support.

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By James Bury - Policy team

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