Posted: 04 June 2015

Volunteers' Week: 'People are very warm and friendly, and there is so much going on'

In celebration of Volunteers' Week, we spoke to Irfan, a Money Mentor in Bradford, explains what he does to support members of the local community.

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Why did you choose to volunteer with us, and how did you get involved?

I came across your website and I was immediately struck by your core values: brave, supportive, trusted and ambitious. The Children’s Society has an amazing programme that relates to the welfare and benefit of children and young people. I went on to make contact with Mortimer House Children’s Centre to find out about volunteering roles, and registered as a volunteer.  

What is your volunteer role? What's a typical day?

I am a money mentor at the children’s centre. This basically involves engaging with the local community regarding money management. 

Currently as we are at the beginning of the scheme, six volunteers and myself, with the help of two volunteer coordinators, have designed a unique workshop where members of the local community can come and learn different ways to make savings and budget their money. 

No day is the same, firstly there was the planning stage, where we decided how best to reach members of the community. There are times to vibe with other volunteers, have fun and to put ourselves to work.

'The experiences you will encounter will create an impact on you and change your world view.'

What have you most enjoyed about volunteering with us?

The most enjoyable part of volunteering is seeing the results and the people being affected and knowing that positive changes can be made leading to families - husbands, wives, men, women, and children - ultimately being happier. 

Can you share a highlight of your volunteering?

Well, I would say delivering the workshops. It has been fun, informative and great to meet new people in the community, and the workshop itself has been designed in a way has a soft approach but with maximising the results.

What have you gained from volunteering with us?

Hopefully, a softer heart, more of an understanding about problems we face in our communities. I have seen first-hand that there are pioneers in our community who are making a change and are genuinely dedicated to help others. 

What would you say to other people who are interested in volunteering with The Children’s Society?

Definitely go for it, you will not be disappointed. The experiences you will encounter will create an impact on you and change your world view.

There are valuable skills to be gained, getting involved with The Children’s Society may open the door to future opportunities.

The Children's Society has great core values, the people are very warm and friendly and there is so much going on.

What are your top tips to new volunteers to make the most out of their experience?

  1. Be upbeat, embrace the role and express yourself with your known talents and be open minded to try something new in order to gain new skills. 
  2. Give all you can, physically, mentally and intellectually, give and don't expect anything in return the reward will come back to you in ways you didn't expect.
  3. Have a positive mental attitude - smiling makes people around you be positive and look to you for change, many more people can be touched or helped with this approach. Create a ripple effect that will benefit our communities and beyond.


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By Irfan Hussain - Guest bloggers

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