Posted: 08 July 2013

University sport - Why does it matter?

What type of university student gives up their time to fundraise? Perhaps the highly motivated students, who somehow manage to fit in seven billion types of extra-curricular activities?

Yes, most definitely. But let’s not forget that fundraising volunteers come in all different shapes and sizes. And increasingly we’re seeing tough, rough and ready sports players moving into the realms of fundraising.

With the take-off of extreme charity challenges such as Tough Mudder, treks to Kilimanjaro and Iron Man 70.3, it’s no wonder that young adrenaline-junkie students want to do something for a good cause.

From my experience student sport clubs are great at raising funds due to their team culture and competitive mentality. The Bursting the Bubble report found that 67.3% of students that were part of a sports club volunteered their time for charity. 

We're at BUCS

We’re attending the British University & College Sport (BUCS) conference this year, held at Edinburgh Heriot-Watt University

Here we will have the opportunity to launch our fantastic sporting programme and to mingle with university sports staff - including sabbatical officers, sport development staff, and health and fitness staff - across the UK.

The combined effect of the current economic climate and increased level of competition means that prospective students are looking at other services that offer added value to their university experience. The conference programme - this year's theme is 'University sport – Why it matters' - will address the broader contribution sport can make to employability, community engagement and recruitment.

What can sporting students do for The Children’s Society?

We’ve got a great programme of sporting challenges for students to get involved in, including a variety of runs, treks and triathlons and extreme challenges such as Grim Original, The Beast in the East, Tough Guy Nettle Warrior, Iron Man 70.3 UK and Tough Mudder Yorkshire.

This year we also have places in Rome, Barcelona, and Berlin marathons, where students can raise just £995 to get guaranteed race entry along with all flights, hotel accommodation and a four day trip in one of Europe’s most beautiful cities.  

Why does university sport matter?

Because for every sporting challenge a student does for us, the more can help the children in need. And that matters.

Want more information? Find out more - email me.


Get involved

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Take part in athletic challenges tailored for university students

Learn about our extreme challenges

Find out more about this year's BUCS Conference

By Stephanie Drummond - Fundraising and events team

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